About Sarasota County's Strategic Plan

Sarasota County reaffirms its strategic plan annually.  The Board of County Commissioner’s approved strategic plan includes 15-year vision and mission statements and an annual action plan. The purpose of the process enhances the effectiveness of the County Commission (BOCC) by providing a unifying vision, goals and an annual work program.

Additionally, this results in a policy action calendar to focus attention on critical discussions and decisions from the Strategic Plan. This area of scgov.net is dedicated to providing the public updates on Actions within the Strategic Plan as well as key performance measures related to the plan.


Sarasota County is a beautiful community that has preserved natural assets.

Sarasota County has world-class amenities and robust, diverse business opportunities.

Sarasota County is a great place to live with easy movement through mobility options and a strong sense of community.


The mission of Sarasota County Government is to provide exceptional quality services in collaboration with the cities and to act as a financially responsible steward.

Our high-performing county organization takes great pride in customer-focused services that add value to the community.


Link to monthly updates on Actions and Key Performance Measures related to each of the five goals identified in the County’s Strategic Plan.

Exceptional County Services Aligned with Resources

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2024 Board Policy Agenda

Top Priorities

Priority Description
2024 Septic to Sewer Financing Options Provide a report to the Board that outlines potential funding options, including grant opportunities, for property owners converting from private septic to public sewer.
3rd Reservoir at Peace River Manasota Regional Water Authority Facility: County Plan
Make a presentation to the Board outlining new water supply opportunities through Peace River and potential funding strategies, and seek Board direction regarding future actions.
Boat Access and Possible Opportunities for the County to Create More Review water access properties including county and privately owned parcels to explore opportunities to increase water access for motorized and nonmotorized vessels.
Code Review to Promote Public Safety
Discuss with the State Attorney's Office (SOA), Sheriff's Office and Emergency Services what could be improved to enhance public safety. The discussion should include topics like human trafficking and illegal gaming. Provide a report to the Board.
Collaboration Affordable Housing Options
Identify and present potential affordable housing options.
Continued Investment in Water Quality for Health of the Bay
Complete a study to assess the feasibility of options to restore a tidal connection between Little Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.
Corrections Master Planning
Overall master plan with the Sheriff's Office for future corrections facilities needs and funding.
Environmentally Sensitive Lands Communication and Education
Develop and begin implementation of a communications and outreach plan to market and educate the community about the current land acquisition program.
Fairgrounds Highest and Best Future Use
Review the existing Sarasota Fairground property title, including possible reverter clause.  Present community impacts and if intent is being met.
Hi-Hat Planning and County Resources Impact
Master Development Order (MDO) and implications to county properties and resources.
Options to Improve North to South Water Flow and Flooding
Research what options might exist to improve flooding in south county using existing county owned land.
Parking Garage Options Dearborn Street
Explore options to develop parking solutions around Dearborn Street.
Reopen South County Sheriff Substation
Propose a plan to reopen the South County Sheriff Substation for Board direction. 
River Road Regional Interstate Connector
Provide an update and recommendations to the Board on Phase 8 of the River Road Regional Interstate Connector to improve South River Road from US41 to Winchester Blvd and Winchester Blvd from South River Road to the Charlotte County line from an undivided 2-lane road to a 4-lane multimodal transportation facility. Information provided should consider opportunities for potential public/private partnerships.
South County Regional Park Staff to begin working on a deal with the City of Venice related to Wellfield Park.  Also, continue to explore future possibilities in Wellen Park.